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IN URMA CU 14 ANI! Caz International

"Bio-Medica saved my baby's life! 

I was traveling from New York to Cluj on business when I was 7 months pregnant. Suddenly I was stricken ill and became very dehydrated. The baby stopped kicking in my womb, and I was terrified. For the next 8 hours, Dr. Florin Russu drove me straight to Bucuresti, where Bio-Medica's doctors immediately administered medication and did a sonogram to check my baby's health. Once we  were stable, Dr. Russu arranged my flight home to New York.
That baby boy is now 14 years old, thanks to the wonderful doctors at Bio-Medica!

08.04.2010 Caz international

"Dear Dr. Russu and Mr. Mitrea,

We would like to thank you very much for your precious collaboration, could not have done it without you.

Best regards,


26.01.2010 Caz "Julia"

"Hello Florin and Dan,

You and your company are a breath of fresh air in the murky Romanian health system.
I had with Bio-Medica and Biotop the only good experience in Bucharest.
In the Emergency Hospital only Dr. Constantinescu was a doctor I could talk to, trust and rely on.
I appreciated her professionalism very much.
I will gladly recommend you and your company to everybody I know.

Julia P"


05.12.2009 Caz "Ioana"

"Draga Florin, Draga Dan,

Conform ultimei analize, ati contribuit la o mare bucurie a mea :))

Va multumesc din suflet

Ioana E."

07.08.2009 Caz "GT"

"My friends,

Thank you very much for that you've done for me and my family.

We cannot thank you enough for your help and support.

All the best wishes,

Cristian T."

13.07.2009 Caz RO

"Stimate domnule Dr. Russu,
Va multumim mult pentru tot sprijinul."

13.07.2009 Caz "Doru"

" Draga Florin,

Doru se simte excelent, rade, glumeste si nu-i vine sa creada cat de bine se simte dupa atatia ani de chin si durere.

Iti multumim din tot sufletul pentru tot ceea ce ai facut pentru noi.

Sa-ti dea Dumnezeu multa sanatate tie si intregii tale familii.

Va  imbratisam cu mult drag si va dorim o zi buna!

Drum bun si succes in Germania!  

Daniela C."

15.09.2008 Caz "Luiza"

"Stimate Domnule Doctor !!!

Mai intai de toate doresc sa va multumesc foarte mult pentru ceea ce ati facut pentru mama mea , pentru ca ne-ati ajutat atunci cand nu stiam incotro s-o luam , cuprinsi de disperare, pentru ca in jurul nostru pareau a se ridica doar ziduri ... si la tot pasul auzeam ca mama nu va rezista , ca nu exista cale pentru a putea ajunge la Berlin pentru operatie !

Dumneavoastra ne-ati aratat calea, ne-ati redat increderea ...si va multumim nespus pentru tot ajutorul dat , pentru ca – impreuna cu medicii germani – ati contribuit la salvarea vietii mamei mele ! Cuvintele sunt prea putine pentru a va transmite multumirile noastre , respectul si recunostiinta pentru mana pe care ne-ati intins-o si ajutorul dat !!!!

Am plecat intr-o tara straina , intr-un spital despre care nu stiam mai nimic ....insa aveam increderea pe care ne-ati dat-o dvs. in medicii nemti si ...bineinteles increderea in Dumnezeu ! A fost greu ... am trecut prin niste emotii incredibile, am fost socati de diferentele dintre spitalele din Romania si cel de acolo , dintre doctorii nostri si cei de acolo .... au fost muuuulte nopti albe , am fost permanent impreuna cu mama (eu si tata faceam cu schimbul astfel ca unul dintre noi era permanent cu ea ) ajutand-o sa treaca peste acesta cumpana !!

Dar ...toate astea au trecut ..... Nemtii au facut minuni .... erau mereu cu zambetul pe buze , gata oricand sa ne explice cu multe amanunte orice se intampla , mereu atenti... mereu prezenti atunci cand aveam nevoie .... Adevarati profesionisti !

Acum mama este bine ....un om aproape normal !! Merge pe jos , urca scari , are indeletniciri diverse .... si zambeste !!! E minunat sa o vad zambind ...dupa o perioada de cateva luni in care o vedeam mereu plangand si-mi spunea ca o doare si ii este frica !!! Si merge din cand in cand la biserica si se roaga pentru cei care ne-au fost alaturi...

Simona D."

16.04.2010 Caz "Paula"

"Cand la intoarcerea pe Otopeni ne-am despartit, i-am multumit, glumind in stilul meu caracteristic: "Domnule doctor, sper sa nu ne mai vedem!''

Sotia mea P.C. suportase, intr-un spital din Grecia, o interventie chirurgicala deosebit de complexa printr-o metoda noua, neinvaziva, menita sa distruga o formatiune tumorala de loja cerebrala anterioara, un meningiom de bulb olfactiv.

Contactul cu clinica respectiva, deplasarea cu ambulanta la Atena, legatura cu medicii de acolo au fost posibile doar cu sprijinul Bio-Medica si Biotop, al D-nei Doctor Patricia Sprancenatu, al D-lui Doctor Florin Russu, in special, care,  pe parcursul deplasarii si al interventiei, a fost mereu langa noi, cu atentie si grija.

Reusita interventiei m-a facut sa-mi doresc sa nu-l mai vad niciodata - in context medical! - dar sa-l recomand cu toata caldura si increderea oricui  ar avea nevoie de ajutor. 

Gheorghe C."

October 2009 Case " Princess"

" I have been thinking about this last year, the kidney thing, the Bucharest assault, the follow-on cancer, the radiation, und so weiter, which probably leads us to fate, destiny, God, or whoever may be moving the pieces around.

The assault was, I am totally certain, totally opportunistic, these children surely had no idea who I was, and I was surely just an easy mark at a moment in time, though I'd have to say it was Kafkaesque and entirely terrifying, it is a miracle that my head and my legs resisted, and I was very lucky to stay so lucid. And while I have a mercifully very selective memory, it was also very, very painful...But it will not be without some residue, there will always be a serious dent in one leg, and almost certainly some pain.

The cancer leaves me more thoughtful. I have no inkling how I missed something so large, though it is probably because I was dealing with such major trauma in other parts parts of the body, and while I think it sprang up fast, I have clearly not been paying enough attention to myself.

I guess I have chosen to think of this all as a kind of wake-up call. Over the years, I have been a very good care-taker to a lot of people, but very hard on myself, probably. I've simply taken my body for granted, dispersed a lot of effort, hurtled around the world, pushed myself at all hours of night and day, eaten (or not eaten) terrible things at strange hours, maybe in some way this is the body finding a way of saying "stop".

I also think that in the end, I have been extraordinarily lucky, lucky to have gone immediately to the right doctor, lucky to have been instantly diagnosed, lucky to have been sent to exceptional medics, lucky to have dealt with it so fast, lucky that I am an apparently physically resilient person and fairly balanced and able to relative things, perhaps the product of my very uncertain childhood , who knows? I am probably also very lucky in that it was in the right breast, always the slightly larger one (we are all lopsided, eyes, ears, feet, breasts etc !) Well in my case , I am now even, there is no visible scar; if you didn't know, you would never know, the surgeon did this invisibly, I do not know how, so I will not have to bear physical marks , beyond the underarm scar, and in a lifetime, one would expect to pick up  some marks...Nor do I think there are likely to be emotional scars, this is just something to get through. It happens to a great many people; I have not been singled out. I was even, (if this is possible), lucky in the particular cancer, in that it was a relatively rare variation of a rather banal kind, with the specific property of not spreading much through the lymph....

My great stepdaughter, who has in the past done a documentary on breast cancer, tells me there are many women whose identity is subsequently predicated on having their having had breast cancer. That will certainly not be me. Nor have I even for one nano-second entertained the idea this might be fatal. I think life itself is mortal. I wonder in some ways was the assault preparation for the other?

As far as I'm concerned, this is over, but for the radiation, which is still hard to assess. At the end of the 2-week mark, I do not have any major discernible problems, beyond the daily grind of the hospital, and some reasonable discomfort, partly because the position with your arms north is so unnatural, and partly because it is probably still post-surgery and thus somewhat strange -feeling.  The bigger problem is that the delicate tomography machines are very prone to breaking down, so they constantly re-schedule, making it very hard to plan anything. And I am distinctly slow and somewhat fuzzy-brained, adding to my overall guilt about doing  and accomplishing so little these days. The wonderfully kind nurses tell me I am not drinking nearly enough, that the radiation is poison, and toxic, which is hard to get your head around, because you feel so little. But I am trying to consciously drink more fluids, because it seems to be easy to feel a little dizzy. Also trying to eat well, but that is also a bit of an effort. But it is fairly early in the programme, so we'll see how it goes over the next weeks...

what do I think will emerge from all this ? I think I will be a healthier person overall, and maybe a little more discriminatory in how I use my time. I was in the process of changing many things already, one never stops learning. One thing that I notice is that no doctors ever pronounce on how stress affects cancer; there is clearly a zone that goes well beyond technical medicine...

I have read a very great deal about cancer, so may people send me things to read, some are clearly likely to be quackery, the rest, who knows ?

overall, I think I am doing pretty well, and rather serene about things....and principally lucky to have wonderful people such as you in my life....

love ,

Marina "

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